Die Make Germany hat Marc Dusseiller für einen Vortrag und einen Workshop nach München geholt.
Wir freuen uns dass wir den Schweizer Wissenschafts-Rebell, Bio-Hacker und Open-Source-Aktivst in München begrüßen konnten, denn er steht wie kein anderer für die Maker-Werte Interdisziplinarität unter besonderem Einbezug von Künstlern und allen Kreativen, Wissensvermittlung und Open Source.


Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art, DIY Biology, Generic Lab Infrastructure
(incl. parts of the lecture „Smart Coconuts for Stupid Cities“)

It has now been 7 years since the foundation of hackteria.org envisioning an idea to build a large knowledge base of instructions for artists, (bio-)hackers, educators and activists to work creatively with living media and contemporary life sciences. Through our acitivities a wide range of playful workshops have been developed, regular gatherings for collaboration and a global network „community of practice“ established, with a common enthusiasm on sharing of knowledge, art/science collaboration and an embracing of an „amateur“ and do-it-yourself approach to go beyond and disciplinary thinking.

How can we apply the open source culture to modern biotechnological practices?

What kind of collaborative methodologies have we been developing to work together (DIWO, Do-It-With-Others) in a radically transdisciplinary way?

How does access to DIY and open source laboratory equipment change the way we will do sciene in the future?

During my talk I will give an overview of various projects that have been developed within the growing international hackteria network, ranging from building temporary DIWO labs in the djungles of Indonesia to open source hardware designed for manufacturing, from developing new bio-commons governance models in synthetic biology to hunting rabbits in Helsinki.

Short Bio

Dr. Marc R. Dusseiller is a transdisciplinary scholar, lecturer for micro- and nanotechnology, cultural facilitator and artist. He performs DIY (do-it-yourself) workshops in lo-fi electronics and synths, hardware hacking for citizen science and DIY microscopy.

Currently, he is developing means to perform bio- and nanotechnology research and dissemination, Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art, in a DIY / DIWO fashion in kitchens, ateliers and in developing countries. He was the co-organizer of the different editions of HackteriaLab 2010 – 2014 Zürich, Romainmotier, Bangalore and Yogyakarta.


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